South Indian Cooking Class with Ruba

Join Ruba in the kitchen for a typical Tamil cooking class to learn to make a few dishes from scratch. You will sense her pride as she shares interesting anecdotes and stories that highlight the traditions and health importance behind the foods you will enjoy while cooking together and while you will eat with your hands on fresh banana leaves. Flavors center around mustard, chilies, coconut, sour tamarind extract and native fruits and vegetables. Menu may include typical village dishes such as rasam (peppery soup of lentils and spices made with lemons, tomatoes or tamarind), sambar (lentil and tamarind based vegetable soup), kuzhambu (a tangy and spicy South Indian specialty flavored by sun-dried vegetables), vegetable curry, kootu (a special dish made of vegetables, lentils and coconut), rice, raita, appalams and a spread of Indian condiments and snacks.

These classes require advance registration (at least one day in advance) and require a minimum of 4 participant. The class include lunch and the cost is Rs. 1000 for guests, Rs. 750 for guests under 30 years old, Rs. 500 for Auroville volounteers, and Rs. 300 for Aurovilians & Auroville New Comers. If you need more information and to book your participation, you can contact directly Ruba (8098845200) or write to

Classes Timing:

Every Thursday 10 am to 1:30 pm

Advance registration only:

Ruba (8098845200)

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About the Facilitator

Ruba is originally from Kottakarai, a village within the Auroville bioregion. She has been working in Joy Community since 12 years and decided to become a member of the Auroville family 3 years ago. When she got married at 15 years old, she started learning the arts of cooking, managing the house and “pleasing gods” from her mother, grand mother and a special aunt. She has always been a very curious person and during all her life she always kept learning the legends and actual details of local Tamil traditions. Being with Ruba is a delight, people come to learn so much from real village life and food, very different from what you can find in books or internet.