Sound Chakras Harmonization Treatment with Lakshmi

During the session you will be guided through a vibrational journey  (mantras, Tibetan bowls and tuning forks ) where you will experience a blissful connection with the universal fources,  inviting the chakras to flow in their harmonious state of vibration and frequency harmonising your mind, body and emotions. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, improve relaxation and sleep, and allow you to open up reconnecting with one’ s self”.

This therapy lasts for about 1½ hour; the cost is Rs. 2000 for guests, we offer a 50 % discount for Auroville volounteers, and a 60 % discount for Aurovilians & Auroville New Comers. For more information or to make an appointment (book at least one day in advance), please contact Lakshmi directly by phone or Whatsapp (+91 8489764602) or write to For more information about activities, therapies and events in Joy Community, you can visit our facebook page.

By Appointment Only:

Phone or Whatsapp (+91 8489764602)

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