Shiatsu or acupressure is a technique that helps to boost your body’s self healing energy, improves cardio fitness and, the energy released during an acupressure treatment opens up your mind body connection .

Shiatsu evolved from thousands of years of Oriental medical history. There are many different forms of Shiatsu practiced today.

When you come to me for a Shiatsu treatment, I will work on a method of bodywork therapy which processes your physical, emotional and spiritual energetic levels of your body.

This will result in a heightened state of relaxation and balance.

With Shiatsu various pressure and stretching techniques are used to encourage self-healing by  bringing the body into a state of balance whilst easing both mental and physical tension.

The most common benefits of Shiatsu massage technique are;

  • It  helps to relieve muscular tension and pain,
  • It boosts your mind body connection promoting your psychological and physical well-being,
  • It enhances balance and improves muscle tone and flexibility,
  • It strengthens your body’s immune system – your, self healing energy,
  • It assists in detoxifying the body,
  • It helps to relieve stress and many stress-related health issues such as insomnia and headaches,
  • It promotes the flow of blood in the body. One of the many functions of blood is to transport nutrients, water, salts, hormones, oxygen, and other materials to all parts of your body. In short, blood is vital to life;
  • It assists the flow of lymph in the body. Lymph is a fluid which contains white blood cells and it protects your body against bacteria and viruses. Lymph surrounds all cells in your body and it the system by which the body rids itself of toxins and dead cells;
  • It assists in maintaining healthy internal organs,
  • It helps in bringing one to a state of tranquillity and well-being and,
  • It increases your energy levels.

Make sure that you are dressed in loose and comfortable clothing when you go for a Shiatsu treatment.

Shiatsu @ Joy

About the Therapist – Sara Sponza

Born in Yugoslavia, raised in Croatia, went to University in Italy. Sara found that there is much more in life then what it seems; stars and clouds where seen as messengers of the infinite…one day the pull and push and call was so strong that she embarked to a Journey: Auroville – Integral Yoga.
She’s been living here since 2008; she found home, family, friends and a lot to explore. She has been working in different services, farms, forests and engaged in communication with Volunteers from all over the world.

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About the Therapist – Simona Savardi

I am from Italy and my first visit to Auroville was in 2007, since then every year I have been coming for a visit. Last year I finally decided to join Auroville … I’m very happy to be here and to have the opportunity to live a simple & healthy life. It is great to be able to experience myself in so many ways, realizing my dreams and my passions …

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